Drivetrain Upgrades

More power... more problems. But it doesn't have to be that way. These days there are plenty of cost effective options for the Nissan/Infiniti platforms that will have your vehicle ready for whatever you throw at it. We've done it all and know what products last, and which ones don't! Talk to us about your power goals and we will let you know what products are right for you.

Upgrading your stock clutch is probably your next stop after other performance mods. The right clutch - flywheel combo package will have your car feeling strong and responsive as ever. We offer a number of clutch & flywheels built to handle all types of horsepower.  Whether your on a shoe string budget or looking for the best in class triple carbon disc racing clutch, we've got you covered!

If it's high horsepower goals you've got, it may be time to consider some further upgrades. Different transmissions, drive shafts, differentials, and axles are all constructed to handle certain amounts of torque. Feel free to talk to us about what OEM components are good for what and options you have if you need to upgrade.